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Announcing Muddy Mat - Luxurious Floor Mat, Perfect for Bathroom, Kitchen, Indoors and Out, Machine Washable/Dryer Safe

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Protect Your Floors and Furniture from Even the Friskiest Pups

Compared to Normal old doormats, Muddy Mat Soaks Up 5X More Dirt and Water from Paws

Watch How Muddy Mat Will Leave Your Old, Raggedy Mat in the Dirt

Muddy Mat will Trap All Types of Unwanted Debris From Paws and Shoes

Mud, Dirt, Grass, Sand, and More - See What Muddy Mat's Microfibers will Absorb

Finally, a Mat You Can Machine Wash Without Worrying

The Ultra-Durable Muddy Mat Can Be Cleaned in 3 Simple, Quick and Easy Steps.

Each Muddy Mat is Guaranteed to Last Years Protecting Your Floors

Bite, Rip, or Playing Tug-o-War, this Mat will Never Rip or Tear

Perfect for All Surfaces

Tile, Cement, Marble, or Wood, Muddy Mat Has Super Grip Technology which Firmly Keeps the Mat in Place

Muddy Mat is the Perfect Size to Keep Anywhere at home

In the Bathroom, Under the Doggy Door, or a Soft Bedding for the Kennel, Place your Muddy Mat Anywhere!

Stop Spending Hours Per Week Cleaning Up After Your Messy Eater

The Muddy Mat will trap any fallen kibble, and absorb All Water For a Quick and Easy Clean Up!

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Top reviews from the USA

Stanley T.

San Francisco, California, USA -4/19/2024

Traps all types of different debris

We foster shelter dogs for a living, and yeah, the house is always a mess. But since getting these mats and sticking them all around the house, I’m glad to say that the house is less of a mess. Every time we walk the pooches now, they track so much less dirt into the house. With the 8+ dogs (including 3 of our own) we have rotating through the house, these mats catch A LOT! Dirt, grass, mud, water, hair. Now if there was only a way to get the anti-mud mat to cover my entire couch, that would be swell.

Paul U.

New York, New York, USA -4/19/2024

Great for pets who are messy eaters

I’ve got these all around my house. I keep them under my cat and dogs food bowl because all three of them are messy eaters. I also keep one under my cats litter box. She kicks a lot of the kitty litter out when she’s doing her business and then tracks it all through the house, I step in it, and find bits of litter in my bed. Yuck. This traps everything. I just shake it out after about a week and that’s it. If it gets too soiled, just stick it in the wash. So easy, and saves me a big headache.

Sarah R.

Houston, Texas, USA -4/19/2024

Securely stays in place at the doorstep

We practically live in a rainforest (upstate Washington). The backyard is a mess. I probably bring in as much mud into the house as my black lab, Roger. This has been just a real miracle-worker. I clean my house so much less frequently. It’s great that it has such a secure non slip under surface. Roger likes to barrel into the house like a hurricane, and he’s slipped on previous mats I’ve tried. Also like how it washing machine safe. It doesn’t lose shape after being thrown in the wash. With other mats the corners would start curling up or the rubber underpart would start coming apart. Had this a few months now and it’s holding up great.

Anna E.

Broadway, New York, USA - 4/18/2024

Now i don’t need to scrub my floors as often

This mat is the best thing since sliced bread. We used to have to swiffer our hardwood floors daily because the dogs would always bring in dirt and mud from the backyard. I used to be so paranoid about my floors getting filthy. Now I can relax and not clean my floors so often. Just one less thing to worry about. Great product!

Sam E.

Chicago, Illinois, USA -4/17/2024

Such soft, ultra-absorbent microfibers

Saw an ad for this and decided to try it out on a whim. Really happy i did. It works great by the door to wipe feet and dirty labradoodle paws on. I really like to use it in the bathroom though. Because of the super non-slip back, i feel pretty good about my kids getting out of the shower safely, and since it’s so absorbent, I don’t have to dry the mini pool they used to leave on the floor in the bathroom before i got the mat.

Celeste T.

Los Angeles, California, USA -4/16/2024

Cleans my puppy’s feet every time on a rainy day

Our dogs destroyed the backyard and ripped up all the grass. So we’re just left with a lot of dirt pits that the dogs love getting into. When it would rain, the mud that they would track in would leave me wanting to rip my hair out. I saw an ad for this and decided I would try it. All I can say is WOW! Even if it’s raining, it cleans off their feet. This saves me so much time and effort! Now the only thing I need is dog-proof grass LOL!

Joe O.

Jacksonville, Florida, USA -4/15/2024

The perfect bathroom carpet

I got this for my nan. She still lives alone in her mid 80s. I worry about her slipping and falling and took a lot of precautions to “accident-proof” her house - this is by far the one i feel best about. I know it wont move out of place when she’s exiting the shower. I’m a big guy and tried to even do the shuffle on it and it would not budge. It's really absorbant. So she doesn’t track any water anywhere else in the house so she could potentially slip somewhere else. Feel a lot better having this for her. I’ve bought some for my own bathroom so my kids don’t slip coming out the the shower. Can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Brian H.

San Antonio, Texas, USA -4/14/2024

Thick and Very durable Greeting Rug

It looks really neat and nice. I replaced my old mat with this one.This mat is large to welcome any guests to my home. The mat is thick and very durable. It is the first thing guests see walking in your home. I love it!

Todd L.

San Diego, California, USA-4/13/2024

Can fit anywhere in my home

I ordered this rug to place at the base of my stairs. It's very nice and I love the color. I got the 36x24 black and white. Very happy with my choice.

Joan A.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA-4/12/2024

Such a soft and comfortable area mat

Very nice doormat. I have not tested it to the extreme, but it seems to be working well. A few loose fibers came out when I washed it, but it was not really much. There are multiple different-colored fibers, which I don't think you can observe in the picture. Also, my cat finds it comfortable. :-)

Erin H.

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA-4/11/2024

All you do is step on it and your shoes are clean

This ia a hight and super absorbs indoor mat. It has fasion design and I like its colour. It can absorb anything like magic! You don't need to wipe your feet and just step on it, and it will it will absorb dirt, dust, mud, etc. It is very easy to clean. Besides, its Non-slip function will prevent you to skid while you walk on it. I love it.

Ryan F.

Portland, Oregon, USA-4/10/2024

I have one in my kitchen and bathroom

Very nice product and very easy to clean. After used it for couple weeks and it works very well either in kitchen or bathroom absolute absorbing every drop off water. For cleaning just use vacuum to clean and it is very light weight also washable.

Carl Q.

Denver, Colorado, USA-4/09/2024

Sucks up all dirt and mud

This mat is really nice! I've placed it in front of my door and it takes away all the wetness and dirt with just a couple wipes. I was very surprised! And the color match my floor too !

Fabby G.

Seattle, Washington, USA-4/08/2024

Easily machine washable and dryer safe

Nice easy to maintain door mat. Make sure you wash it immediately when you get it. The mat will shed a lot in the washer and dryer. Then it is ready to go. Very low to ground so door won’t hit it. Absorbs s lit of dirt and dust. I have 2 of them. Easy to clean bb putting in washer and dryer.

Josh L.

Dallas, Texas, USA-4/07/2024

Dried my soaked socks in just a minute

I cannot believe how absorbent this rug is! It also gets dry sand and mud off shoes well. Once I stepped in water in cotton socks in the kitchen, so stepped onto it to see what would happen. WOW, it actually dried my soaked socks off in just a minute. I couldn't be more impressed with this rug! It grips the floor well, and hasn't moved an inch since I put it down several weeks ago. I plan to get one for the bathroom, to step on when getting out of the shower. I've never had a shower/bath mat that was absorbent like this is. Its appearance is lightweight, thin, and not particularly full or thick of fibers, and the fibers are short. I got the brown to match the floor the best, and it's ok, but not an overly attractive rug. That said, I wouldn't pass it up for any other, since the function is exceptional, and I couldn't be happier with it. I highly recommend this rug!

Alice E.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA-4/06/2024

I finally don’t need to mop after my dog

I was skeptical about this type of mat, but when you're tired of mopping up muddy doggy footprints... you'll try anything! I can't speak for other brands (because I haven't tried them), but this mat definitely works!!! If it's CAKED mud on the dog's paws... no, this is not a miracle rug that reaches up and scrubs your dog's paws! Lol!! But... it completely absorbs WATER from the paws and watery mud, which is exactly what I wanted. I tell my dog to "sit" on the mat when she comes in. Maybe 5-7 seconds. And walah!! NO FOOTPRINTS on my floor! Highly recommend!! I also have another mat by the front door for my husband that likes to track through a wet yard instead of using the sidewalk. :) works on him too. :)

Camille E.

Los Angeles, California, USA-4/05/2024

Keeps water and mud off the hardwood

I didn't rate this for durability because I haven't had it long enough or for giftability because it's a doormat and, other than for a housewarming, who gives doormats. That being said, it's pretty, it's soft, it keeps water and mud off the hardwood floors and it was very nicely priced. This is the second of two and, if I ever need another one, I'll buy one of these.

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